Linear or Rotary Measurements
Fully Programmable
PLC Communication / Ethernet

Linear or rotary indicators
Programmable resolutions
Multi-year replaceable battery

Multiple hollow shaft versions
Bores: ø6mm to ø35mm
(Imperial bores: ø1/4” to ø1”)
Optional stainless steel parts

For all hollow shaft and
electronic position indicators

Handwheel Indicators

Handwheels in reinforced polymer
From ø50 to ø200mm diameter
Analog and/or 5-digit indicator

Speed reduction and torque increase.
Reduction ratios up to 250:1.

Right Angle Drives Products FIAMA US

Aluminum or stainless steel
Bevel or spiral gears
Various gear ratios

Flexible Shafts And Couplings Product FIAMA US

Standard and custom lengths
Diameters from ø4 to ø20mm
Optional protective sleeves

Absolute and incremental
Encoder resolution 50-500ppr
Potentiometer transducer

Measuring lengths 50mm to 12,000mm
Potentiometer, current, voltage, incremental line driver encoder outputs

Absolute and incremental
Linear and rotary
Magnetic sensor technology

Crack monitor with data logger
Over 50,000 data log capacity
USB or wireless data download

Brushless DC motors
Torque range to 12Nm

Including inputs for:
incremental or absolute encoders
potentiometers, inclinometers, tachometers

For measuring rotation or translating speed
Panel mount

Inclinometers Products AP FIAMA US

Analog (0-10VDC or 4-20mA) output
One and two axis units

Hand Held Instruments Products FIAMA US

Phonometer (sound)
Anemometer (wind)

Plunger position indicators
Sliding shaft position indicators
Panel mount position indicators

Absolute encoder
Measuring lengths from 25mm to 900mm

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