• High torque transmission with minimal dimensions.
  • Speed reduction and torque increase.
  • Single- or multi-stage (up to 3) with a wide choice of reduction ratios: the modular system combines the advantages of standardization with a high degree of customization.
  • Silent operation, reliability and high performance
  • Can be mounted horizontally and vertically.
  • Clockwise DX and counterclockwise SX rotation for alternating and continuous operation.
  • Various mounting possibilities with male shafts (plain or with key), female shafts with fixing screws, flanges for direct coupling and display with “OP3 – OP7 – EP7” position indicator

RDE405 – Right-angle Planetary Reducers

The instrument combines a planetary gearbox with a 90° spiral bevel gearbox and to create a compact, space-saving solution, which allows both a speed reduction and a right-angle transfer of motion.  This model realizes an intelligent system for applications that use angular gearboxes, with a good compromise on precision, reliability and performance.

Main features:

  • Many ratios available
  • Numerous combinations and the possibility of being mounted in any position and orientation, making them suitable for many applications.
  • Silent operation by the means of the spiral gears, which reduces vibrations and noise.
  • The housing, in aluminum and surface treated steel, ensures low weight and allows use even in harsh environments.
  • The design, in addition to offering high configuration flexibility, guarantees a wide compatibility for immediate retrofits and countless integrations possibilities.

RDE40-FLOP – Displayed Planetary Gear-reducers

Right angle & coaxial planetary gearreducer with adapter flange for mechanical «OP3-OP7» and programmable «EP7» position indicators.

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