Hand Held Instruments

Phonometer (Noise Meter)
Anemometer (Wind Meter)

FIAMA offers a selection of hand held instruments for numerous applications.  They are used for measuring speed, noise or sound, wind (air and gas) and temperature.

DT901 Handwheel With Position Indicator FIAMA US


Contact digital tachometer

The DT901 is a contact digital handed tachometer.

DT2236 Handwheel With Position Indicator FIAMA US


Reflective or contact digital tachometer

The hand held DT2236 digital tachometer is an all-in-one reflective or contact multifunction tachometer.


Phonometer sound level meter

The SL4011 digital hand-held phonometer SL4011 is a sound level meter for acoustic detecting according to IEC 651 Type 2.

AM4202 Handwheel With Position Indicator FIAMA US


Anemometer wind speed meter

The AM4202 is hand-held digital anemometer, measuring air speed from 0.4 to 30m/s, with m/s, Km/s, f/min, knots display range and temperature from 0°C to 60°C or 32 to 140°F.

TM916 Handwheel With Position Indicator FIAMA US


Digital thermometer

The TM916 is a two channel hand-held digital thermometer with K-type thermocouple inputs, capable of measuring temperatures within -50°C and 13230°C (-50° to 1999°F).  Also available on the instrument are two inputs to measure two temperatures at the same time.

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