SERVO.OP motor-driven rotating actuator for position indicator

Main Features:

  • The SERVO.OP is an electric rotary actuator which, in combination with the optional OP3 indicator, allows position control with two buttons.  The operator rotates the output shaft by pressing the forward or backward button until the desired position is shown on the position indicator.
  • Compact case made of anodized aluminum
  • Integrated DC motor
  • Hollow shaft output
  • Adaptable to various applications such as guide adjustment and motorized positioning
  • To safeguard integrity of the geared motor and of the connected parts, the output shaft is equipped with a torque limiter which has a rating to 5Nm.

On request:

  • Available coupling flange for combination with linear guides

Product features

Range OP3
Shaft Sizes Ø14mm
Construction Anodized aluminum case

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