P100L handwheel for position indicator

Main Features:

  • Motion handwheel with lobed circumference.
  • Used with gravity or with fixed reaction type position indicator handwheel inserts.
  • Used with indicators EN90, EN90F, I90, IN90, I90F, IN90F
  • The position indicator insert is pressed inside the handwheel seat, where three ‘hooks’ secure it.
  • Hub constructed of an aluminum bushing with an ø8mm bore.  ø10mm or ø12mm bore on request.
  • Reinforced technopolymer handwheel, black color.  Solvent, oil, and grease-proof.

On request:

  • Optional ø10mm or ø12mm bore.

Product features

Range EN90, EN90F, I90, IN90, I90F, IN90F
 Sizes ø100mm
Bore ø8mm standard; ø10mm or ø12mm optional
Construction Technopolymer housing, aluminum bore bushing

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