Rotary Encoders Transducers Product PR10-PR20 FIAMA US

The FIAMA PR10 and PR20 rotary transducers are potentiometric transducers that provide an electronic linear output from a mechanical rotation motion.  The potentiometers are available with 1, 3, 5, or 10 revolutions.  An internal geared transmission with a selected ratio between the rotating bore and the potentiometer provides additional rotation capability.  The PR is provided with a clutch for the protection of the potentiometer.

It is necessary to determine the total number of revolutions that the PR needs to be capable of when rotating over the total stroke of the machine axis screw.  The determined number of revolutions is then configured for the PR by using the transmission ratio of the reducer (gear ratio reduction) and the potentiometers turn capability.  For example, a 10:1 gear ratio with a 3-turn potentiometer is capable of providing a linear output over 30 total revolutions.  3D DRAWING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.


  • PR20: hollow shaft with Ø20 mm bore.
  • PR10: Ø6mm x 14mm shaft.
  • PR20-I, -V have a built-in analog interface when using a 24VDC power supply
    • PR20-Iwith output 4-20mA.
    • PR20-Vwith output 0-10VDC.

On request:

  • Connectorized version PR20
  • Stainless steel bore version PR20

Product features

Construction Shock-proof case; solvent, gasoline, oil, grease proof

Overall Dimensions

Rotary Encoders Transducers Product PR10-PR20 Dimensions FIAMA US

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