66/22 miniature right angle gearbox

Right Angle Drives Products 66-22 FIAMA US

The 66/22 miniature series of gearboxes are suitable for the transmission of rotating motions between shafts at right-angles.  Torque 2Nm.

Main Features:

  • Available with reduction ratio: 1:1.
  • Aluminum case, black anodized; stainless steel shafts AISI 303.
  • Torque 2Nm.
  • Radial load 7,5kg; axial load 0,7kg.
  • Models:
    – Version A with 2 outputs.
    – Version B with 3 outputs.
    – Version C with 3 outputs with opposite rotation.
  • Output shafts: M = male / F = female Ø6mm.
  • 2 outputs, weight 50g; 3 outputs, weight 65g.

On request:

  • Output shafts of Ø8mm, Ø10mm.

Product features

Range 2 and 3 outputs
Gear Ratios 1:1
Construction Anodized aluminum case (optional stainless); stainless steel shafts

Overall Dimensions

Right Angle Drives Products 66-22 FIAMA US

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