Position Indicator OP10

Main Features:

  • Two counters with 5-digit (standard one red digit indicates decimal for tenths; on request two red digits for hundredths, three red digits for thousandths or five black digits for no decimal).  Reading until 99999, then rolls over to 00000 and continues counting.  Digit height 5.5mm.
  • Shock-proof, welded seam self-extinguishing technopolymer case.  Protection IP54.  Temperature max.: 70°C.
  • Reading window with 62° inclination.
  • Standard shaft hole: ø20mm H7.  Other bore sizes available.
  • Rotation direction of counters:  clockwise-clockwise = DX-DX; counterclockwise-counterclockwise = SX-SX; clockwise-counterclockwise = DX referenced to the upper counter; counterclockwise-clockwise = SX referenced to the upper counter.

On request:

  • Version with 4-digits: AZZ” with 1 positioning button for zero-set, version “2AZZ” with 2 positioning buttons for zero-set.
  • Colors: orange RAL 2004, black RAL 9005.

Product features

Range 5 digit counters (red digits indicate decimals)
Shaft Sizes Ø20mm, various reducing bushings
Resolution Various gear ratios
Lock Pin Offset 30mm; (Ø6mm std pin)
Rugged Shock-proof welded technopolymer housing
Construction Standard steel metal parts

Overall Dimensions

Position Indicator OP10 Overall Dimensions FIAMA US

1. Counter 1
2. Counter 2
3. Positioning push button
4. Lock pin
5. ø 40×15 embedding
6. Fixing screw
7. 2 Ø2,5×10 fixing holes
8. Dust seal

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