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Absolute position encoder for linear applications.  Linear measurement lengths available from 0-40 meters.   For encoder feedback or position display or applications.  Moving above the band, the sensor produces a signal which, amplified and processed, is transformed into an absolute position signal (SSI Gray or Binary).  The MAT2 encoder integrates the measurements sensor, an electronic signal conversion circuit and an output stage in a single, compact package.  3D DRAWING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Main Features:

  • Compact and modular designs.
  • Contamination resistance, easy alignment, accurate.
  • Waterproof.
  • Non-contact, zero wear.
  • Linear measuring lengths up to 40 meters.


  • MAT.B with SSI Binary output 24 or 25 bit.
  • MAT.G with SSI Gray output 24 or 25 bit.  


  • PA50/10 magnetic band for linear applications.  The band consists of a magnetized plastic ferrite strip with two magnetic tracks; one with alternate poles having a 5 mm pitch and the other with an absolute binary code, which is adhered to an adhesive-backed stainless steel strip-band.  Mechanical protection of the plastic ferrite strip is supplied by an adhesive-backed stainless steel cover strip.

On request:

  • Magnetic band cut to customer requirement.
  • Cable lengths to customer requirement.
  • Cable output location options.

Product features

Construction Aluminum case
Measurement range Up to 40 meters linear
Encoder  SSI Binary (24 or 25 bit), SSI Gray (24 or 25 bit)

Overall Dimensions

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