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Linear potentiometer with slider driven by a shaft. Measurement lengths available from 0-50mm to 0-900mm. Potentiometer technology offers a very simple absolute encoder position signal, without a proprietary or expensive position signal protocol. Benefits of the PF transducers include low cost, easy installation and long cycle life.  3D DRAWING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Main Features:

  • Compact, modular and durable design.
  • Highly adaptable, easy installation.
  • Wide range of measurement stroke lengths.
  • Large angles of free movement.
  • Linear and accurate.
  • Up to 100 million cycle life

Available strokes in mm: 500 – 700 –


  • PAK: aluminum housing, mechanical anchor, movement via threaded M6 shaft.  strokes from 50mm to 900mm.  4-pole connector complying to DIN43650 (spherical joint M6 on request).
  • PY2: aluminum housing, mechanical anchor, movement via feeler shaft with double bearings and recall spring, push rod with threaded M2,5 stem with a (INOX) stainless steel steel spherical joint.  Strokes from 25mm to 100 mm.  5-pole connector complying to DIN43322.  
  • PS: aluminum housing, anchor and self-aligned mechanical movement on 2 spherical joints with a max. motion angle to ±30°.  Strokes from 75mm to 700 mm.   4-pole connector complying to DIN43650.
  • PSX: aluminum housing with stainless steel shaft movement.  Easy mounting by the means of back-lash free pivot heads and with a large angle of free movement up to ±12,5°.  Resolution of 0,01mm and linearity up to ±0,05%.  Strokes from 25mm to 300 mm.  Heavy duty construction and compact dimensions makes this sensor suitable for use in environments with humidity, oil, dust, etc.

On request:

  • Other measurement lengths to customer requirement.

Product features

Construction Aluminum housing
Measurement range in mm From 25mm to 900mm
Encoder  Potentiometer

Overall Dimensions

Linear Potentiometer Transducers Products P_ Dimensions FIAMA US

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