I100 position indicator for handwheel

Handwheel Position Indicator I100 FIAMA US

The I100 indicator is a gravity reaction position indicator that inserts into a handwheel, to measure adjustments (angles, movement, speed, etc.) on a control dial with graduated circular.  The dial measurement is indicated by one or two pointers.  The red pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the shaft, while at the same time the black pointer makes a rotation fraction.  The turns that the black pointer needs to carry out to complete a rotation is the ratio of the indicator.

Main features:

  • Technopolymer or metal case, transparent and shock-proof polycarbonate cover.  Protection IP64.  Max. temperature 80°C.
  • The gravity reaction indicators I100 is suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined shafts.  Works with handwheel types P170, P200.

On request:

  • Type I100P with positioning screw.

Product features

Range 2:1 to 400:1 reduction ratio
Construction Technopolymer or metal case, transparent polycarbonate cover

Overall Dimensions

Handwheel Position Indicator I100 FIAMA US

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