Draw Wire Encoders Products PF80 FIAMA US

Highly compact draw wire encoder with integrated data logger, having independent operation used to monitor cracks, joints and linear displacements over time intervals.  Records displacement and ambient temperature values.  Based on a rotary precision potentiometer which is driven by the winding/unwinding of a stainless steel wire with an 80mm stroke.  3D DRAWING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Main Features:

  • Precision rotating potentiometer operated by a winding or unwinding stainless steel wire.
  • 80mm stroke
  • Data logger capacity up to 51062 measurement and temperature readings; data acquisition frequency is adjustable from 10 seconds to 91 hours.  
  • Data can be downloaded via USB or wireless.

Product features

Construction Aluminum (USB), Aluminum and semi-transparent plastic (wireless)
Measurement range in mm 80
Encoder  Data logger only, downloadable file

Overall Dimensions

Draw Wire Encoders Products PF80 Dimensions FIAMA US

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