SIMPLEX-E Linear electronic position indicator

Battery Powered Position Indicator Product Simplex-E FIAMA US

The Simplex-E is a complete, one-piece linear guided system for the measurement and display of linear movement.  The complete system includes a magnetic position transducer and display, where the magnetic band is mounted on a self-aligned aluminum bar.  Digit height 10mm.  3D DRAWING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Main Features:

  • 6-digit programmable electronic counter.  Digit height 10mm.  One year life (replaceable) battery powered.
  • Measurement lengths in mm of 50 ­ 100 ­ 200 ­ 300 ­ 500 ­ 700
  • Additional functions:  mm/inch conversion, zero resets and absolute/relative movement display.
  • Optional 3 distinct programmable origins for correction from using different tools and/or the offset function for the compensation of tool wear.
  • The display can be rotated 90° for a parallel or orthogonal view to the measurement bar.
  • Shockproof plastic case.

On request:

  • Measurement lengths available to customer request.
  • Available version with serial output RS485, MODBUS-RTU protocol.
  • Available version internal rechargeable battery with unit running off of an external 24VDC power supply (5 months functioning without power supply) – for connection to external units.

Product features

Range 6 digit LCD display, 10mm digits
Measuring length in mm 50 ­ 100 ­ 200 ­ 300 ­ 500 ­ 700
Resolution .01mm, 0.001”
Accuracy 100µm/meter
Max. speed 1.5 meters/second
Battery life 1 year

Overall Dimensions

Battery Powered Position Indicator Product Simplex-E FIAMA US

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