Battery-powered programmable position indicator F7P

battery powered programmable position indicator F7P FIAMA US

Main features:

  • The F7P is a compact panel display unit with external position sensor.  In combination with either the P50 magnetic band or AM magnetic ring, the F7 is a complete system to measure linear or rotary movements.
  • It is possible to select: counting direction, number of decimal places, units (mm, inches or degrees), absolute/relative measurement, reset/preset.
  • The electronics are protected by a black anodized aluminum housing which is robust and shock-resistant.
  • Digit height 7.5mm.

On request:

  • Various sensor cable lengths available.
  • Two sensor styles to choose from.
  • Rotary angular software option (0.0°-359.9°, then resumes to 0.0°-359.9°).

The F7P is available in kit form as a Digital Read Out  for flip stops on Felder 700 Series, some 500 Series and 900 Series machines, or any of the Felder machines with 72mm x 70mm extrusions.  Visit for more information.

Product features

Range 5 digit LCD display, 7.5mm digits
Measuring length Up to 50 meters
Resolution .01mm, 0.001”, 0.01°
Accuracy 100µm/meter
Max. speed 2.5 meters/second
Construction Optional stainless steel metal parts
Sensor/band distance Up to 1mm
Battery life Up to 4 years

Overall Dimensions


battery powered programmable position indicator F7P Photo 1 Overall Dimensions FIAMA US

1. Drilling template
2. Bores for M3 allen screws with countersunk head
3. Sensor cable
4. Cable for battery holder
5. Battery Ø14×24,5







1. Reading sensor
2. Hex nut 14
3. Plats to align sensor
4. Counternut adjustment
5. Hex nut
6. Thread

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