Battery-powered programmable position indicator EP20-EP25

Main features:

  • 6-digit programmable electronic counter.  Four year life (replaceable) battery powered.
  • Reading until 999999, then displays over-count error.
  • Additional functions:  mm/inch conversion, zero resets and absolute/relative movement display.  Optional 3 distinct programmable origins for correction from using different tools and/or the offset function for the compensation of tool wear.
  • Shockproof, self-extinguishing plastic case.
  • Standard steel shaft bore ø25mm.

On request:

  • Two viewing angles to choose from.
  • Colors in glossy finish: orange, black.

Available attachments:  shaft block flange, handle, handwheel.

Product features

Range 6 digit LCD display, 10mm digits
Shaft Sizes Ø25mm, Ø20mm, various reducing bushings
Resolution Programmable
Lock Pin Offset 40mm; 30mm option (Ø6mm std pin)
Rugged Shock-proof welded technopolymer housing
Construction Standard steel bore

Overall Dimensions


1. Lock pin ø6: I40 (I30)
2. ø20 or ø25 hollow shaft
3. Dust seal
4. Battery compartment

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