SL Level Control

The SL level controls are employed for the level control in tanks or silos that contain powders or granulars. The indicator’s working is very simple: a synchronous motor that rotates at low speed activates a propeller placed inside the tank to be controlled. In lack of material the motor is under voltage and the propeller revolves. The presence of material round the propeller bridles the rotation provoking control contacts exchange. Electric circuit opening and closing causes the command of an acoustic or visual signal, or the silo’s load, the conveyors and worm conveyors stop etc.

The instrument is mounted on the external wall of the tank, on the side or on the top. The material should be free to move round the propeller, that should be not fouled by the material direct jet: so arrange baffles on the indicator when weight on propeller is high (high specific weight material or subject to move in block ones).

Versions: SL- for the control of the level of powders or granulars, in general; SL-ATEX for the level control of materials in thanks which, inside (process zone 20) or outside (environment zone 21) a potentially explosive atmosphere, like dust cloud, can be present.

Product features

Electrical contacts 4A 250Vac - 2A 250Vdc
Working temperature -10° +60°C
Power supply 24 - 115 - 230 Vca ±10% 50/60Hz 24Vdc ±10%
Power use 3 VA
Shaft length 15-30-50 cm
Standards -
Electromagnetic compatibility
Low tension
ATEXGR.II - cat. 1/2 D Ex tD A20 IP65 T85°C - 15° < TA < 60°C
CE 73/23
CE 94/9
Fill Level Controls - FIAMA SL Level Control, employed for the level control in tanks or silos that contain powders or granulars, Electromagnetic compatibility
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