V3 Analog input with optional relay output

The V3 series are multifunction microprocessor display units with resistance, voltage, or current input from transducer. Field scalable display.

Supports absolute/relative dimension, tool diameter offset compensation, etc.

The displayed value is compared with 3 target values that can be set for the enabling of as many relays, the status of which is displayed through panel LEDs.

The instrument set-up and calibration operations are easily carried out with four panel keys.

Product features

Power supply
115Vac, 230Vac, 24Vac, 12-30Vdc, +-10%
Absorbed power
Potentiometer input 1K-50KOhm
Display -1999 +9999
A/D converter resolution 8000 points
Accuracy ±0,1% full scale
Number of readings per second
Target values 3 on/off
Intervention hysteresis programmable
Relay capacity 120Vac 0,5 A - 24Vdc 1A
Thermic stability 60 ppm/°C max.
Working temperature
Relative humidity
Self-extinguishible shock-proof case
48x48 - DIN 43700
(Front) protection degree of the case
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/CE
Displays and Positioners - FIAMA  V3 Analog input with optional relay output,  Supports absolute/relative dimension, tool diameter offset compensation
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