Hand Held Thermometer TM916

Two channel hand held digital thermometer with K type thermocouples input in order to measure temperatures within -50°C and 13230°C (-50° to 1999°F). Supports two inputs to measure two temperatures at the same time, commutators to select the resolution (0.1 or 1 °C/°F) and the measure unit (°C/°F ) wanted.

Wide range of temperatures probes available, small dimensions and the ease to use make the TM916 a thermometer that can be employed in laboratories or the field.

Can be fitted with two probes TP.

Product features

Display LCD 3 1/2 digits, height 12,5 mm
Sensore thermocouple K (NiCr-NiAl)
Measure unit °C, °F selectable
Measure range -50 °C ÷ 1300 °C ; -50 °F ÷ 1999 °F
Accuracy ( ±0,5% +1°C); ( ±0,5% +2°F)
Resolution 0,1°C (-50÷199,9°C); 1°C (-50÷1300°C); 0,1°F (-50÷199,9°F) 1°F (-50÷1999°F)
Readings/second 2 nearly
Working temperature 0-50°C
Relative humidity max 90 % (0÷35°C) - max 80% (35÷50°C)
Power supply battery
Absorbtion nearly 2 mA
Weight 153 g
Measures (mm) 131x70x25
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/CE
Image of Hand Held Thermometer TM916
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