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PF80 Crack Monitor
The PF80 allows you to prolong useful life of bridges, buildings & structures and minimizes costly disruptions by providing crucial deflection and displacement data. The PF80 and associated family of products enables quick, effective response and preventative maintenance while ensuring safety when using these proven, simple, robust and reliable data acquisition systems.

PF80  Crack Measurement Monitor with Data Logger

Crack measurement monitor with integrated data logger used to monitor cracks, joints and linear displacements by recording displacement and ambient temperature values. Based on a rotary precision potentiometer which is driven by the winding/unwinding of a stainless steel wire with 80mm stroke. It is possible to add an extension to the steel cable to monitor points which are distant.

The crack­ monitor is configured using a graphic user interface running on Windows. The key characteristics of the crack monitor are low cost, battery power, simple installation and use, and minimized visual impact.

For additional information, please contact the PF80 Product Manager, Dan Crews, at (303) 944-1082 or email Dan at dan @ dfcrews.com, or visit www.DFCrews.com

Product features

  • Improves Accuracy and Frequency of Data Collection
  • Keeps Bridges, Buildings and Structures Open
  • Eliminates Field Safety Issues
  • Compact Size & Light Weight
  • Large Data Storage Capacity
  • Long Battery Life
  • Simple to Use
  • Saves Money
  • Proven

  • Technical Specifications Overview

  • 200 grams
  • 51,062 Data Logs with 0.07% F.S. Linearity
  • 18,236 Data Logs with Cyclic Redundancy Check
  • Mini USB-B or Wireless Communication
  • Logs Distance, Temperature, Date & Time
  • Up to 5 Years Battery Life
  • 80mm Measurement Range
  • 3µm Measurement Resolution
  • 10N Wire Tension
  • Temperature Range
  • -35˚C to +80˚C WIRELESS
  • -10˚C to +60˚C USB
  • 1˚C Temperature Resolution
  • Data Collection Frequency
  • 1 min and up WIRELESS
  • 10 sec and up USB
  • Up to 32 Monitors per WIRELESS Device
  • IP65 Rating
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 2004/108/EC
  • Easy to Use Graphic Interface
  • Absolute and Incremental Wire Draw - FIAMA PF80  Crack Measurement Monitor with Data Logger, Minimal visual impact, Windows-based data logger, USB version available
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    Please call 224.209.3500 to order

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