PF1000 Wire linear potentiometer

Wire potentiometer position transducer that translates linear motion into resistance variation.

Available with stroke lengths of 1100 mm or 2200mm.

Constructed with a precision rotating potentiometer actuated by the winding or unwinding of a stainless steel wire.

Low cost and easy integration. Measure linear or angular motions on machine tools, automatic-,wood-, marble-, glass-working machinery, cylindrical-, hydraulic-, pneumatic stroke, etc.

Self-extinguishing, shock-proof plastic cases which are solvent-, petrol-, grease-, oil- proof.

Product features

Number of cycles 400 000
Maximum speed 0,5 m/s
Resistance 10 kOhm (potentiometer)
Linearity ± 0,25%
Protection degree IP54
Color Grey RAL 7004
Working temperature -10 ÷ 70°C
Relative humidity 10 ÷ 90 %
Weight 400 gr
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/CE
Absolute and Incremental Wire Draw - FIAMA PF1000 Wire linear potentiometer, Measure linear or angular motions on machine tools, Low cost and easy integration
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