Position Indicator OP12

This is a digital indicator with two 5-digit counters to adjust and directly read a motion through a drive shaft rotation.

Product features

Shock-proof self-extinguishing technopolymer.
Protection IP64.
Max. temperature 80°C
Standard shaft hole 25H7
different holes smaller than 25 with reducing bushing.
Counters models -
decrease-decrease (SX-SX),
increase-decrease (DX referred to the higher counter 1),
decrease-increase (SX referred to the higher counter 1).
Models -
OP12 - 2 counters;
OP12A high counter with positioning and zero-setting push-button;
OP12R with the function of the two counter’ s change lever for measuring, for example, tool’ s radius ( pitch) or diameter (double pitch);
OP12R with ratio until 1 rev=60
Image of Position Indicator OP12
example image only


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