IP/IF Handwheel with position indicator

These are motion handwheels with a gravity or fixed reaction indicator included, to measure adjustments (angles, shiftings, speed, etc.) on a control dial with graduated circular scale.

The dials measure is given by the two pointers: the red pointer carries out a complete turn at every rotation of the drive shaft, and at the same time, the black pointer makes a rotation fraction. The turns that the black pointer needs to carry out to complete a rotation is the ratio of the indicator.

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Product features

Reinforced technopolymer handwheel
Transparent polycarbonate cover
Protection IP65
Max. temperature 80°C.
Gravity reaction handwheels IP50 and IP80 are suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined shafts.
Fixed reaction handwheels IF50 and IF80 are mounted on shafts with any inclination.
Lock pin for the fixed reaction is in zinc-plated steel ø3 mm or threaded M3.
Hub with aluminium bushing with bored holes ø8 or ø10 mm, held to the shaft by M5 set screw.
Optional calibration knob.
Hand Wheel and Indicator - FIAMA IP/IF Handwheel with position indicator, Reinforced technopolymer handwheel, Transparent polycarbonate cover
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