FAP(V1) Steel flex shaft - loose sheath

These are flexible shafts made of a spring shaft and a protection sheath, employed for the transmission of rotating motions.

Flexible shafts with free coupling terminals, in steel, as per drawing.

Product features

* They are built to specified length (L).
* Shafts with diameter ø4, ø5, ø6, ø8, ø10, ø12, ø15, ø20.
* Protection sheath,with cylindrical terminals
FAP4-5-6-8 in steel covered with black rubber
FAP10-12-15-20 in zinc-plated steel aluminum-colored.
Mechanical Transmission and best Flex Shafts- FIAMA FAP(V1) Steel flex shaft - loose sheath, Protection sheath with cylindrical terminals, free coupling terminals
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