EF. Wire optical incremental (1 to 3m)

Wire incremental encoder translates linear motion into coded digital pulses: EF use an optical encoder with 600 pulses per 240 mm. of extended wire (0,1 mm. the resolution of quadrature count).

These instrument are easy to integrate for measuring linear or angular motion on machine tools, automatic-, wood-, marble-, glassworking machinery, cylindrical-, hydraulic-, pneumatic stroke, shutiers etc.

Housing is self-extinguishing, shock-proof case which is solvent-, petrol-, grease-, oil- proof.

Product features

Power supply 10-30 Vdc, max 60 mA
Optical encoder resolution 0.1mm
Maximum speed 0.7 m/s
Output signals Push-pull, TTL, LD
Max. output current 20 mA
Working temperature -10÷70 °C
Relative humidity 10÷90 %
Protection degree IP54
Color Grey RAL 7004
Weight 400 gr
Electric connection Cable 2m or 5m
Electromagnetic compatibility EEC 89/33
Absolute and Incremental Wire Draw - FIAMA EF. Wire optical incremental (1 to 3m), translates linear motion into coded digital pulses, shock-proof case
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