DT901 Hand Held Digital tachometer contact

Hand held digital tachometer - Measures rotational or linear speed with mechanical coupling.

Automatically stores Last, Max & Min values.

Carry bag and durable design make this ideal for field measurements,

Product features

Automatic range selection
0,1 rev/min for 1 to 999,9 -
1 rev/min for 1000 to 19999
0,01 m/min for 0,1 to 99,99 -
0,1 m/min for 100,0 to 1999,9
Accuracy 0,1% ±1
Display updating 2 readings/second
Display Display 8 mm. height 5 digits leds
Power supply 4 batteries 1,5V AA
Power use 200 mA
Case shock-proof plastic case
Dimensions 200x58x47 mm
Protection degree IP54
Working temperature 0-50 °C
Electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/CE
Hand Wheel and Indicator - FIAMA DT901 Hand Held Digital tachometer contact, shock-proof plastic case
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